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That's the name of my radio show, also know as the Rhythm And Blues Review. The show is heard every Saturday evening from 4-6 PM Pacific time,  and has been on the regular airwaves over eighteen years. Radio station KVMR-FM is also part of internet radio, and you can listen live. The best of R+B,  Doo Wop and rock and roll is played in an upbeat style, reminiscent of the old radio shows of the 50's and 60's, complete with Pams  jingles and a tribute to the Color Radio format. Also,I am  now  on another source of Internet radio, in this case it's called Rock-it Radio. Shows get posted and cycle through about every two weeks. Check and listen to a different show called "Rock,Bop, And Doo Wop, recorded just for the Rockit, with great doo wop and rock and roll, when it is posted. About a dozen different DJ's post their shows and you can hear some great programs. NEW! MP3 files of the 1st hour of some of my radio shows, along with an RSS feed to subscribe!rss Also new, check out my newsest page on Hugh Barrett And The Victors! Just added, a new interview with Bill Campbell of the 5 Stars.
color radiio
Brian Lee Studio

Color Radio is heard every Saturday evening from 4-6 PM Pacific coast time on community radio KVMR-FM Nevada City, CA. It can be heard live on the internet at

BlogAlert:Check out my blog in the music from the 50's and 60's HERE. Besides updating you on my radio show, Color Radio, I talk about artists, record labels, some new releases, and an occasional controversial topic.

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Doo Wop: Parked on my color radio web site you can see a ton of  playlists, Color Radio history, and hear several segments of my radio show in Real Audio. If you are looking for the latest updates, check out my Updates log. As a record collector, you can view record label shots of many groups and artists from the lists below. Lots of vocal groups, rock and roll and a few lesser known artists for you to enjoy. A brand new feature asks the question, "Was This Your Record?" Check for your long lost record HERE. It's hard to beat doo wop, R+B and rock and roll when it comes to music. It's also hard to beat the best notecards, kids bookmarks and great pictures on  

Plaything Rev 78


Hank Ayala studio
Color radio presents some interviews with the artists that made the really great records of the 1950's and 1960's. Many of these artists did not sell millions of records, and in some cases they just sold a few in a local market. The most important aspect is that we recognize them for their achievements of making at least one record, and for being around and contributing to the birth of rock and roll. Pictured to the left is an in-studio interview with Hank Ayala of the Matadors. These interviews listed below are also available on the artist web pages. Latest addition is the Victors (Richard Mayer), an MP3 file.
Matadors (Hank Ayala)
Some of the artists that appear on the site were also seen with the author. Check out recent pictures with the stars at various venues with a picture or two of the their records.
Frank Fox (Salutations)
There were so many great groups who recorded in the 1950's and the 1960's, and for me, so little time to try and document them all. One at a time, I continue to add new groups, whether they recorded one record or fifty. Although few of my pages are 100 per cent complete, you will get a great overview of most of these groups listed below.
Victors/ (Richard Mayer)  
This is not a huge category for me, but the two examples listed below should be very informative for you. The Joe Houston page concentrates on his LP's and a few EP's that he made in the 1950's and the 1960's. I am surprised at just how many of the albums he made. The Rockin Rebels page has become a huge living document. Starting the The Russ Hallett Trio, and weaving through the maze of group associated with the Rebels, and of course the Rockin Rebels themselves.
Russ Hallett Trio
Joey Norman
Here are some very deserving single artists that should be credited with their outstanding contributions to music. This list will continue to grow over time. Unfortunately there are so many artists that should be recognized and not enough time for this web site to do it all. Keep watching as more people continue to appear on the color radio web site. Watch for updates, and always feel free to Email me. I'm happy to help when I can.
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