Color Radio is the name of my radio show, also know as the Rhythm And Blues Review. The show is heard every Saturday evening from 4-6 PM Pacific Time, and has been on the regular airwaves since 1987. Radio station KVMR is also streaming content, and you can listen live on the KVMR-FM website. The best of R+B, Doo Wop and rock and roll is played in an upbeat style, reminiscent of the old radio shows of the 50's and 60's, complete with jingles and a tribute to the Color Radio format. Plan to hear saxophones blaring, guitars screaming, and even an occasional ballad. Some past shows can be heard on Itunes or on my audio page. Also, the Brian Lee Show can be heard on HD Diner Radio, originating in Paris, France. HD Diner Radio is available not only on their website, but also played in several American style restaurants in and around Paris. Merveilleux!
Here on my website I have Color Radio history going back to Chuck Blore at KELP in El Paso Texas. I have had the chance to interview many artists and group members that made records in the 1950's and early 1960's They may not have placed on the Billboard top 10, but their stories are very interesting and every bit as entertaining. I also have lots of pictures of record labels for groups, single artists, duets, and an extensive study on the (Rockin) Rebels. You can see playlists by following this link to spinitron. You can also find a few label runs with Domino, Cat and Jackpot. There are mystery artists, first and second record labels and first and second titles. I also a feature called “Was This Your Record”, possibly more for my entertainment than yours.
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