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Freddy Cannon Top Picture

Born Frederick Anthony Picariello, Jr. in 1940 in the town of Revere, Massachusetts, he grew up in nearby Lynn, close to Boston's North Shore. His Dad was a trumpet player in a small dance band that played in and around the Boston area. Freddy's first band was called Freddy Karmon and the Hurricanes, and they played hops and dances in the New England area. Many of the engagements were done for free, just so their name could be used for promotional purposes. It was a barter system of sorts. They played at no charge, and their name was advertised on the radio stations like WMEX and WLYN, and promotional flyers for all the events. He also became a regular on Television station WHDH with DJ Bob Clayton's "Boston Ballroom", the local TV dance show.
Freddy Cannon recorded his first song under the name the Spindrifts. "Cha Cha Doo" was a local hit and was first released on the Hot label, later to be issued on ABC Paramount. His first record for the Swan label was called "Tallahassee Lassie". The song was written by, or at least started by Cannon's Mom. What it started out as and how it ended up seem to be two different songs, and Freddy reportedly didn't care for the final version. The public disagreed! It went on to become a huge nationwide smash in the US, and was also wildly popular Internationally. He earned the name "Boom Boom" based on the driving drum beat in his first and subsequent recordings. I have read one account that Kenny Paulson did lead on guitar on Tallahassee Lassie, and it was very distinct. What ever happened to him? During many of Cannon's live shows, another local New England group named the Rocking Ramrods backed him up.
His third release was an old standard that was reworked into the standard high energy rock and roll style of Freddy Cannon. "Way Down Yonder In New Orleans" sold more than Tallahassee Lassie. His next huge hit was called "Palisades Park". The flip, "June July and August" was intended to be the "A" side, but the DJ's flipped it and Freddy Cannon had a 2:10 minute smash hit. Palisades Park was written by Chuck Barris, host of the 1970's "The Gong Show". He left Swan records for Warner Brothers, where he felt he could get a good deal, artistic freedom, and because Swan was faltering. His first release for the new label resulted in the hit "Abigail Beecher". Several issues later, his biggest hit for the label, "Action", was also the theme song used for the Dick Clark show of the same name. After Warner Brothers, Freddy Cannon was on many different record labels, but continued to record, though somewhat sporadically. His last chart hit came out in 1981, and it was called "Let's Put The Fun Back In Rock And Roll", using the Belmonts for his backup. It should have charted higher and was a great record. Freddy Cannon appeared on American Bandstand over 100 times, the most of any current or past performer. He also appeared on Dick Clark's Saturday Night Beechnut show, which was a great dance party style show out of New York. He continues to perform many shows every year, and is now based on the West Coast. When he performs, there is no doubt that you get 110 per cent, as he really puts on a show. Take a look at the label shots of many of Freddy Cannon's great US recordings.

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Spindrifts Cha Cha Do Hot
Spindrifts Belinda Hot
The first vinyl recording for Freddy Cannon was with a group called the Spindrifts. The "A" side was "Cha Cha Doo" and had decent airplay throughout the Northeast and beyond. The flip was "Belinda". Shown is the first issue on the "Hot" label, a small company that does not appear related to the record company that Larry Hall first recorded on. Released in early 1958
Spindrifts Cha Cha Do Promo ABC
Spindrifts Belinda ABC Promo
ABC picked up the record and attempted to distribute it nationally. Instead of Keith Music company, credit is now given to Kincord music on the plug side. Libby is listed on the flip. Also, the writing credits are now shown as well as accompaniment by the Downbeats. The white label promo copy os shown.
Spindrifts Cha Cha Do ABC
Spindrifts Belina ABC
Here is the stock issue that ended up on many east coast record players. Most of the information is the same, just placed on the label differently than the promotional issue.
Tallahassee Lassie Swan 1
You Know Swan 1
Freddy Cannon had his first record as a single artist in May of 1959. Written by Freddy's mother, Tallahassee Lassie stormed the Billboard pop charts, parking at the number 6 position. Not a bad debut! "You Know" was on the flip. A slow song with a decent guitar, and quite a difference from Tallahassee Lassie.
Tallahassee Lassie Quality 78
You Know Quality 78
Although no USA 78's were released by Freddy Cannon, the Quality label out of Canada certainly did. This is the only 78 Quality label issued of Freddy Cannon. There are some other 78's released of Cannon in other countries, but on a very limited basis.
Tallahassee Lassie Swan 2
You Know Swan 2
A slightly different variation of the 45 is shown above. The red on the label is much brighter, and continues boldly through the Swan label releases. The titles are in a bigger font on this issue.
Okefenokee Swan
Kookie Hat swan
A double sided up tempo rock and roll record from Cannon. "Okefenokee" did not quite crack the top 40, but it continued the now trademark "Whoo's" throughout the record. "Kookie Hat" was the "B" side and a decent rock tune on it's own. Frank Slay and Bob Crewe wrote the song, and will be involved with all of Freddy Cannon's Swan releases.
Way Down Yonder In New Orleans Swan
Fractured Swan
The first of two records that Freddy Cannon would record that peaked at number 3 of the pop billboard charts. He took the old standard of "Way Down Yonder In New Orleans" and put his style into a truly unique interpretation. Released in late 1959, it sold very well. "Fractured" was the slow flip side.
Way Down Yonder In New Orleans Front Cover
Fractured Swan Back Cover
Above is both sides of the first picture sleeve issued by Swan records, for Freddy Cannon. The same picture is used on both sides, with just a song title change.
Chatanooga Show Shine Boy Swan
Boston My Home Town Swan
Next up is Freddy Cannon and his 4th release, and his 4th top 100 record. "Chattanooga Shoe Shine Boy", complete with some great brass and continuing with the old time song theme, got the spins. "Boston, My Home Town" was on the other side. Released in February 1960.
Chatanooga Show Shine Boy Front Cover
Boston My Home Town Back Cover
Another picture sleeve was issued of Freddy. Same background and a different pose. A small rectangle with fan club information was added to the lower left corner.
Jump Over Swan1
The Urge Swan1
The mid-tempo recording of "Jump Over" made it 5 for 5 on Billboard, and spent 10 weeks on the charts. The flip was "The Urge" and rocked as hard as any side to date. It spent 3 weeks of it's own on Billboard.
Jump Over Swan2
The Urge Swan2
This is a label variation. Again, this shows the large font used for the song titles, but all information is the same.
The third release in a row to get it's own picture sleeve. A new blue background with a completely different picture has been used. The fan club announcement has more real estate, using a strip along the bottom of the sleeve.
The Urge Picture Sleeve
Happy Shades Of Blue Swan
Cuernavaca Choo Choo Swan
"Happy Shades Of Blue" was the next release and chart entry. Frank Slay and Bob Crewe continue to be responsible for the song writing credits on Freddy Cannon's hits. Peaking at number 83, it was flipped with Cuernavaca Choo Choo. The Phonetic spelling was on the label, and the tempo was a bit different than what Freddy had done up to this point.
Cuernavaca Choo Choo Sleeve Front Cover
Cuernavaca Choo Choo Back Cover
Another picture sleeve was manufactured, again with the blue background. The back side promoted the first LP by Freddy Cannon, and also highlighted the "Treasure Chest Of Hits" LP by Swan. "Happy Shades Of Blue" was also the name of a concept album that was issued. Oddly, Cuernavaca Choo Choo got the top sleeve billing.
Humdinger Swan
Ny Blue Heaven Swan
"Humdinger" spent a short 4 weeks on the chart, beginning in October of 1960. It has a catchy tune, and should have stayed longer than it did. I also like the partial group backup that is used. "My Blue Heaven" was on the back side. It is the same song that Fats Domino recorded.
Humdinger Swan Front Sleeve
Humdinger Swan Back Sleeve
Here is the Humdinger and "My Blue Heaven" sleeve. Another totally different shot of Freddy Cannon, with the fan club notice in the bottom left corner. The back of the sleeve is the same promotional message of the Swan Treasure Chest Of Hits along with Cannon's Explosive LP, just like the "Happy Shades Of Blue" picture sleeve shown earlier.
Muskrat Ramble Swan
Two Thousand 88 Swan
Starting off 1961 was "Muskrat Ramble". It was likely the intended "B" side, as "Two Thousand-88" was written by Slay and Crewe. The T on the bottom of the label only shows the beginning of the title of the side. If the title starts with a "B", then they use the last letter of the title.
Muskrat Ramble Sleeve front
Muskrat Ramble Sleeve Back
The 6th record in a row with a picture sleeve, a live shot was chosen. Freddy Cannon has the appearance of tearing down the house, with his combo in the background.
Buzz Buzz A Diddle It 1 Swan
Opportunity swan 1
"Buzz Buzz A Diddle it" was the next record and chart hit. 8 weeks on Billboard, it seemed to get played much more than the numbers indicate. "Opportunity was the "B" side.
Buzz Buzz A Diddle It 2 Swan
Opportunity swan 2
Label variation. Once again it is all in the font! The bigger font usually came later in the record pressing run. This came with a sleeve as well.
Transistor Sister Swan
Walk To The Moon Swan
Rising to number 35, "Transistor Sister" gave Freddy his highest chart position since "Jump Over". This did appear to be the intended plug side, and the flip, "Walk To The Moon" was written by Slay and Crewe. It really doesn't matter which side is the hit if you write a song and it gets put on the record. You get royalties for your song based on the number of records sold.
Transister Sister Front Cover
Transister Sister Back Cover
Using an orange background this time, they borrowed the picture from "Happy Shades Of Blue" and issued the sleeve shown above with Transistor Sister" and "Walk To The Moon".
Twistin All Night Long Swan
Some Kind Of Nut Swan
A brief side trip to label mates Danny And The Juniors, who featured Freddy Cannon on "Twistin All Night Long". Released in early 1962. The "B" side "Some Kind Of Nut" did not include Cannon. The promotional issue is shown.
Teen Queen Of The Week Swan
Wild Guy Swan
Freddy just skated into the top 100 in 1962 with "Teen Queen Of The Week". A nice side, it just didn't catch fire. "Wild Guy" was on the flip side.
Palisades Park Swan 1
June,July And August Swan1
Freddy Cannon came back strong with his next record. "Palisades Park" shot up to number 3 and stayed on the Billboard charts for 15 weeks. The record was a monster, and it revived his career. "June,July And August" was a decent flip that was the intended "A" side.
Palisades Park Swan 2
June,July And August Swan2
Here is a label variation for "Palisades Park" You can see quotes on the titles with this issue. The flip, "June,July, And August, was a decent rocker on it's own.
What's Gonna Happen When Summer's Done Swan
Broadway Swan
As summer was coming to a close in 1962, Cannon released "What's Gonna Happen When Summer's Done" and flipped it with "Broadway" A new songwriting team, Feldman,Goldstein, and Gottehrer, was used for both sides.
If You Were A Rock And Roll Record Swan
The Truth Ruth Swan
A really cool song was released in November of 1962 called "If You Were A Rock And Roll Record". It also hit the top 100, peaking at number 67. The "B" side was called "The Truth Ruth". Different songwriters were on both sides, and had not been used on Freddy Cannon records previously.
Four Letter Man Swan
Come On And Love Me Swan
After 16 straight top 100 records to the Billboard pop charts, Cannon's next release went under the radar. "Four Letter Man" was the plug side for January of 1963. "Come On And Love Me" was on the flip side. The promotional issue is shown.
Patty Baby Swan
Betty Jean Swan
Back to the charts, "Patty Baby" was a hard driving Freddy Cannon record that was great, and what we expected from him. Seven weeks on the charts and a top position of 65, it should have stayed longer. "Betty Jean" was a fantastic rocker with a great group sound.
Everybody Monkey Swan
Oh Gloria Swan
There was always a new dance coming out, and Freddy Cannon's "Everybody Monkey" stopped at position number 52 on the charts. Another nice up tempo with a great organ. "Oh Gloria" is darn near Doo Wop, and is music to my ears! This was Freddy's last chart entry for Swan records.
Do What The Hippies Do Swan
That's The Way Girls Are Swan
Now on the black Swan label, Cannon sings "Do What The Hippies Do". This is a bit of a departure from his usual rock and roll records. "That's The Way Girls Are" was on the backside and sounded different as well.
Swwet Georgia Brown Swan
What A Party Swan
"Sweet Georgia Brown" was his next Swan release. Cannon was trying to get back the sound of old. "What A Party was the "B" side. Released towards the end of 1963.
Abigail Beecher WB
All American Girl WB
Freddie Cannon switched record labels from Swan to Warner Brothers. His first effort, again, made the charts. "Abigail Beecher" even spawned an album. "All American Girl" was the fine flip side.
OK Wheeler The Used Car Dealer WB Promo
Odie Cologne WB Promo
Next up was "OK Wheeler, The Used Car Dealer", shown on a promotional label. "Odie Cologne (Eau De Cologne) was on the flip. No chart action Nationally for this one.
Summertime USA WB
Gotta Good Thing Goin WB
"Summertime U.S.A." was release next in line, in June of 1964. "Gotta Good Thing Goin" was the flip.
Too Much Monkey Business WB Promo
Little Autograph Seeker WB Promo
Taking a Chuck Berry standard for his next issue, "Too Much Monkey Business" was the plug side on this promotional Warner Brothers issue. A fun song was on the flip called "Little Autograph Seeker". Cannon was given partial writing credits on this one.
In The Night WB
Little Miss A Go Go WB
"In The Night" was issued in 1965. The flip was "Little Miss A Go Go Go".
In The Night Cover
The only picture sleeve issued for Freddy Cannon on Warner Brothers. Both sides show "In The Night" as the "A" side, and are exactly the same. A nice colorful picture of Cannon.
Action WB
Beachwood City WB
The next chart record since Abigail Beecher, this 1965 release of "Action" peaked at number 13 and stayed on the Billboard charts for 9 weeks. It was taken from the hit TV show Where The Action Is. "Beachwood City" was the "B" side.
Let Me Show You Where It's At WB Promo
Old Rag Man WB Promo
"Let Me Show You Where It's At" is shown as the next Freddy Cannon release. "The Old Rag Man" appears with stars on the label, but did not seem to get the most spins. The all white promotional version is shown, and the record was released in 1965.
Let Me Show You Where It's At WB
Old Rag Man WB
Here is the stock copy of Freddy Cannon's record from 1965. Cannon still had many more releases for Warner Brothers ahead of him.
She;s Something Else WB Promo
Little Bitty Corrine WB Promo
The last Cannon release for 1965, "She's Something Else" was flipped with "Little Bitty Corrine" Another Warner Brothers promotional record.
Dedication Song WB
Come On Come On WB
The last charting record on Warner Brothers for Freddy Cannon was "The Dedication Song". It debuted on the Billboard charts in February 1966, and peaked at number 41. "Come On Come On" was on the back.
Greatest Show On Earth WB Promo
Hokie Pokie Girl WB Promo
Step right up to "The Greatest Show On Earth", another black and white label promo. The "Hokie Pokie Girl" was the "B" side.
Natalie Promo WB
The Laughing Song WB Promo
Next up for 1966, was "Natalie" and "The Laughing Song". Another promo copy, this was produced by Russ Regan.
Run For The Sun Promo WB
Use Your Imagination Promo WB
"Run For The Sun" was another great fast paced summer song. A mention of Tallahassee Lassie is used, but the song is fun on it's own merit. The flip "Use Your Imagination" is based on the phrase, and is more mid 1960's sounding.
In My Wildest Dreams WB
A Happy Clown WB
"In My Wildest Dreams" and "A Happy Clown" were the last pairing for 1966.
Maverick's Flat WB Promo
Run To The Poet Man WB Promo
Starting off 1967, "Maverick's Flat" backed with "Run To The Poet Man" was issued on a promotional Warner Brothers record.The flip showed Freddy Cannon's attempt to keep up with the times.
20th Century Fox WB Promo
Cincinnati Woman WB Promo
Freddy Cannon's last release for Warner Brothers was 20th Century Fox, which was the same as the Doors song. On the flip was Cincinnati Woman. Issued on a promo in 1967.
Rock Around The Clock We Make Rock And Roll Records
Sock It To The Judge We Make Rock And Roll Records
After Warner Brothers, Freddy Cannon recorded for a series of different labels. First up is a label called "We Make Rock And Roll Records", a subsidiary of Capitol. He cut the standard "Rock Around The Clock". The flip was "Sock It To The Judge". Click HERE for a picture of the original sleeve. Released in 1968
Sea Crusie We Make Rock And Roll Records
Sje's A Friday Night Fox We Make Rock And Roll Records
The second and final issue for the "We Make Rock and Roll Records" label was "Sea Cruise". backed with "She's A Friday Night Fox". The promotional release is shown, complete with the Stars on the plug side .Released in 1968
Beautiful Downtown Burbank Sire
If You Give Me A Title Sire
Next was the Sire label, distributed by London records. "Beautiful Downtown Burbank is the "A" side, in stereo. The title refers to a city in the Los Angeles area. "If You Give Me A Title" is the flip of this 1969 issue.
Charged Up Turned Up Rock N Roll Singer Royal American
I Ain't Much But I'm Yours Royal American
Here is the first issue for Freddy Cannon on the newly formed Royal American label. "Charged-Up Turned-On Rock N Roll Singer" backed with "I Ain 't Much But I'm Yours". The "A" side makes mention of several of his hits all collaged together. It's his usual up tempo performance, and is lots of fun. The flip is a ballad / up tempo with lots of orchestra.
Strawberry Wine Royal American
Likely the 3rd of 3 releases for the Royal American label, "Strawberry Wine" was designed for the spins, and "Blossom Dear" was the flip. Royal American was part of the Buddah records group. Released in 1970.
Rockin Robin Buddah
Red Valley Buddah
On to the parent, Buddah records for 1971. "Rockin Robin" was the choice for airplay, taking the Bobby Day standard and adding the Freddie Cannon touch. "Red Valley" was the "B" side.
If You've Got The Time Metromedia1
If You've Got The Time Metromedia2
A 1972 release on the Metromedia label, this has the same title on both sides. The difference is that one side is mono and the other is stereo. "If You've Got The Time" was the plug side.
Rock N Roll ABC's Promo MCA
Jump ahead to 1974, and another promo with the same song on both sides, this time both in stereo. "Rock And Roll ABC's was sent to radio stations to drop the needle on.
I Loves Ya Andee
Chomp Chomp Sooey Sooey Andee
From the Andee label out of Florida, "I Loves Ya" was the intended plug side. "Chomp Chomp, Sooey Sooey was on the back side of the record. This gave label credit to Cannon's express.
Palisades Park Claridge
Way Down Yonder In New Orleans Claridge
A reissue of sorts for the Claridge label, paired "Palisades Park" and "Way Down Yonder In New Orleans". The promotional copy is shown, and the label notes these were taken from the "Old Gold" series.
Sugar Claridge1
Sugar Claridge2
A second issue on Claridge was a "new" song set of "Sugar" and "Sugar Part 2". Shown is the promo version and this was released in 1976.
Suzanne Somers Horn
Blankcheck's Market Horn
In 1981, Freddy Cannon recorded on the Los Angeles based Horn record label. "Suzanne Somers" was the "A" side and "Blankcheck's Market" was the "B" side. Note that it was co-produced by DJ Bob "Emperor" Hudson. The flip also included Connie Cannon.
Let's Put The Fun Back In R+R MiaSound
Your Mama Ain't Always Right Miasound
The last chart entry to date for Freddy Cannon, was "Let's Put The Fun Back In Rock And Roll" on the MiaSound label from Florida. The record charted for 4 weeks in September of 1981. A great record that deserved to do better. The flip was "Your Mama Ain 't Always Right".
Dance To The Bop Amherst
She's A Mean Rebel Rouser Amherst
A stop at Amherst records of Buffalo New York in 1983 resulted in "Dance To The Bop". This was flipped with "She's A Mean Rebel Rouser".
Kennywood Park KDKA
With A Little Love KDKA
In 1987, Freddy Cannon released a record as a fundraiser for the children's hospital of Pittsburgh, PA. HQ records was the label, and it was done in association with KDKA TV and radio. "Kennywood Park" was the "A" side, with a tribute to the famous Pittsburgh area amusement park. "With A Little Love" was the KDKA children's hospital theme.
Pictured to the right is the one sided picture sleeve issued with the Children's hospital fundraiser. The main sponsor was local radio station KDKA, one of the oldest Am radio stations in the country.
KDKA Picture Sleeve
Rockin In My Socks Amherst Promo1
Rockin In My Socks Amherst Promo2
Back to Amherst with "Rockin In My Socks" from 1988. Shown is the promotional version. The flip is referred to as the "Instrumental Vocal".
Rockin In My Socks Amherst1
Rockin In My Socks Amherst2
Here is the stock copy of "Rockin In My Socks". This time the vocal is not mentioned, but the side with the instrumental track is identified.
Rockin In My Socks EP Amherst
Rockin In My Socks EP Amherst2
Here is a 33 1/3 single from Amherst. It has the two songs from the 45 on side one and an extended mix on the flip.
Explosive LP Stereo Cover
Explosive LP Stereo Label
Freddy Cannon had his first LP released in 1960. The Explosive Freddy Cannon was issued both in mono and stereo. The mono version is shown above.
Explosive LP Stereo Label
Explosive LP Stereo Cover
Here is the stereo issue of the Explosive Freddy Cannon. Swan did not issue too many LP's in the late 50's and early 60's, and this was the first in stereo. In fact it would be several years later before they would attempt another stereo LP. You can see the Stereo indication towards the lower right of the cover, and prominently on the top middle of the label. Also of note, the version of Tallahassee lassie is different than the single, and had a big band sound to it.
Greatest Hits LP Cover
Greatest Hits LP Label
"Solid Gold Hits was next, from 1961. The big hits from Swan were featured in a great LP.
Happy Shades Of Blue LP Label
Happy Shades Of Blue LP Cover
In 1962, a concept LP was pressed called Happy Shades Of Blue. All the songs had "Blue" in the title.
Palisades Park LP Cover
Palisades Park LP Label
To follow through on the great success of Palisades Park, Swan released an album of the same name, also in 1962.
Steps Ou tLP Label
Steps Out LP Cover
The last Swan album for Freddy Cannon was called "Freddy Cannon Steps Out" and includes more great 45's from the Swan catalog.
Freddie Cannon LP Cover Stereo
Freddie CannonLP  Label
After switching to Warner Brothers with his singles, it was only natural for them to issue an album. It included his first Warner Brothers hit called "Abigail Beecher". This LP was from 1963, and the Stereo issue is shown.
Action LP Label Stereo
Action LP Cover Stereo
Freddy's next big hit on Warner Brothers, "Action", spurned an LP of the same title. Shown above is the stereo copy.
Action LP Cover Mono
Action LP Label Mono
"Action" was also pressed in regular mono, as shown above.
Greatest Hits LP Label
Greatest Hits LP Cover
Freddy's last album for Warner Brothers was a Greatest Hits LP. Released in 1964, and it had the best of the Warner Brothers records.

Freddy Cannon recorded a lot of records. Most, but not all, are shown above. He also had many International records that were released in most countries. He was, and is a dynamic performer, and sings straight ahead rock and roll. Recently, he has issued a CD of Christmas songs. Who knows what his next release will be!

Gone Missing: The last release on Swan 4178, "The Ups And Downs Of Love", Royal American release 11, "Night Time Lady", possibly a sleeve for Palisades Park.


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